• It's Anniversaire Deux at Pour Vous!

    It’s hard to believe that it’s already been 2 years since the Houston brothers opened Pour Vous - L.A.’s first only Parisian évasion. Under Raidar would never pass up a liquor-fuelled fête and last week we went, glass in hand, to celebrate their second anniversaire!

    Pour Vous is a ritzy Parisian milieu that we describe as ‘bar excellence’. For two years it has remained L.A’s pièce de’ résistance. And yes, it is hard to resist.

    Patrons flock to Pour Vous to imbibe boissons artisanales and hang, with suspended suspense, for La Femme Pour Vous - their acrobatic show of risqué proportions. Last week we got to see the launch of the new show which has been taken to, quite literally, new heights. 


    The right way to pour champagne at Pour Vous.

    The celebratory night began with a champagne moon pour in the dome (because there are worse ways to start an evening). How the lady didn’t get dizzy from pouring while spinning is beyond me, but it was very impressive!

    From the domed skylight a sexy, aerialist dancer was pirouetting and gyrating on a trapeze while performing other cunning stunts. We loved all the surprising new twists and turns which are now in, dare we say it, full swing. 


    The view never gets vieux (old)

    After popping our jaws back into place we hot-footed it to the bar for head bartender, Francois Vera’s, cocktail menu première. We found Francois’ sophomore cocktail compendium to be on par (excellence) with his debut menu which we reviewed recently.

    We’ve always highly respected and admired Francois’ mastery of inventing superior cocktails. He’s a visionary bartender who isn’t scared to use ingredients that go against the grain. We think that this new cocktail list further affirms his status as one of the industry’s most highly distinguished bartenders. Oh and he’s also a really great, humble guy which always makes the drinks taste even better!
    So, after trying all of the new cocktails, (for research purposes), we have officially crowned the menu as Francois’ ‘tour de force’. Pardon my French but, as a Brit, it’s probably more fitting to say that it’s his ‘encore blimey!’ 



    ‘Moulin Rouge’ and 'Puff Puff Pastis’ remain on the new menu

    We loved the ’ Marseille Can You See’ (Jim Meehan from PDT/NYC) with Banks golden rum, Noilly Prat amber vermouth, benedictine, Miracle Mile celery bitters.


    Marseille might not see after a few of these

    Stop mom worrying that you’re not getting all your vits n’ mins because La Vitamine (im)pressingly packs 6 vital essentials like Avuá Cachaça, creme de banane, lime juice, orgeat, avocado and salt. You’ll want to order a few of these to keep the health kick going; you can always juice in the morning!


    L’Vitamine - drink your greens!      (Photo by Frank Ishman)

    We ended the anniversary shindig, as one does, in the outdoor trolley drinking and scarfing down delicious crepes. How the night actually ended is still a mystery but that’s usually a good sign. When I woke up the next morning my health kick had most definitely kicked me in the ooh-la-las. Time for a poils du chien perhaps?

    So it’s a happy déjà deux to Pour Vous from Under Raidar and we look forward to the next round of pours for many years to come. 

    Visit Pour Vous at:

    5574 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038

    (323) 871-8699