• Here's why Good Times at Davey Wayne's is 'THAT' 70s bar

    Two words: funking groovy! Every night is a boogie night at the Houston brothers’ 1970s themed bar where you’ll be saying, “oh what a night”, every night, guaranteed. 

    Want to know what’s going on at Good Times at Davey Wayne’s where you won’t stop ‘til you get enough? (Obviously I’m compelled to include copious, ingeniously placed 1970s song references.) Stay with me here.


    Our House is a very, very, very fun house

    I’ll set the scene: it’s one of those 2014 1970s Hollywood Nights. You and your corduroy are ready for a raging, shagadelic house party (that’s also one cool cat of a time warp.) The smell of MJ is wafting from a garage on El Centro and beckoning you to swing by this Swingtown bar.


    (The) Who wants a Bargain?  (Photo credit: Frank Ishman)

    Start by grooving through the elaborate façade of a vintage garage sale, (curated by Christian Marcus of No Vacancy’s ‘Gentleman Proper’ shop), where everything’s marked at garage sale prices and haggling is encouraged. Peruse the laudable collection of nostalgic 1970s accouterments; you’ll find clothes, candy bars, vinyl, toys and maybe even a pair or roller skates, (always good for a spot of glass rooftop skating should the need arise).

    After you’ve trinketed your little heart out you’ll be wondering where funk you can get a drink. Obviously you’ll walk this way to the back of the garage and open the Smeg fridge door, (because that’s what thirsty people do.) This is when you’ll realize it’s the inconspicuous entrance to the bar. This is rather, well, cool.


    The chills are multiplying…  (Photo credit: Frank Ishman)

    Once inside you’ll boogie through several rooms decked out with carpet, shag rugs, striped couches, and a rock-clad wall surrounding a faux-brick fireplace that’s reminiscent of your acid-tripping parents’ house in the 1970s. Everything has been seductively curated to make you want bang a gong, (or something else), should the opportunity arise. 


    Livin’ (room) for the city  (Photo credit: Frank Ishman)

    Good Times at Davey Wayne’s is Mark and Jonnie’s tribute to their late father, David Wayne Houston, and nostalgic mementos of his life are secreted throughout the bar. The brothers have made this bar a real family affair with vintage family photos hung on wood paneled walls and pinned to cork boards.


    Hall-right now.   (Photo credit: Frank Ishman)

    Good Times at Davey Wayne’s feels like your parents left town for the weekend leaving you to booze, boogie, babes and Bad Company. You can go your own way through various rooms and sitting areas, and dance by a small stage where a live band plays 70s hits. 


    Let’s get hit on  (Photo credit: Frank Ishman)

    After some dancing and jive talking you’ll head to the bar for some stiff, sweet libations with names like Some People Call Me Maurice, Tiny Dancer and Cisco Kid. If you’re feeling more hop than scotch then there are eight beer taps, installed in a fabricated refrigerator door, and beers are served in #1 Dad mugs.

    Just know that if you like pina colada, or any other kind of hookup, the bar all is set up for your imbibing pleasure. 


    Just another Tequila Sunrise  (Photo credit: Frank Ishman)

    Even the cocktail menu, a plastic-sleeved photo album, contains 1970s-era Houston family photos in between descriptions of the cocktails.


    Are you reelin’ in the beers?  (Photo credit: Frank Ishman)

    Be sure to eye up the far out collection of retro soda cans should you need something that tastes just like cherry cola…


    Canned Heat  (Photo credit: Frank Ishman)

    If you fancy some dancin’ in the moonlight then head to backyard where an Airstream trailer bar serves ice-cool alcoholic sno-cones. Perhaps some alcoholic POPsicles would be a cool idea to keep patriarchal homage alive and kicking. 


    Had a Roof of Glass

    After deep-throating your sno-cone, look up to the glass roof where roller skating performers jump through hoops as they play that funky music. Should all this razzle dazzle make you peckish there’s classic backyard bbq fare on hand to satisfy your carnivorous cravings.


    The grooviest place to hang, literally. 

    Good Times at Davey Wayne’s is the only Houston bar that’s open in daylight hours and many of them are happy ones: Mon-Fri 4pm-8pm and Sat-Sun from 2pm-6pm. 

    We think that the Houston’s latest rad-venture is a groovefest that’ll psyche you out time and again.  Oh yes, it’s safe to say, the boys are back in town.

    Visit Good Times at Davey Wayne’s:

    1611 N. El Centro Avenue

    Los Angeles, CA 90038

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