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  • Speakeasy... but thirst things thirst

    A bar without a sign is definitely a sign; a sign of the times that have been and gone yet today they have made a trendy comeback in cities all across the globe. These hip watering holes that are more hole-in-the-wall, underground and hidden, are what makes these historic-themed establishments so appealing since the repeal of course.

    For those who were already hung-over in their history class might not recall learning about the Prohibition era between 1920-1933; an effort to curtail the consumption of alcohol by prohibiting its sales, manufacture and distribution. This was a time that we could only shudder to imagine occurring today. However, throughout the stringent laws, we all know that the effort had the opposite affect and the result led to adulterated and sometimes toxic liquors served at hundreds of clandestine bars, called speakeasies, across the world. 

    Today artisanal cocktails are the new vogue and are being served in chic bars in the US and across the world from London to Los Angeles, Moscow to Manhattan these hip bars show no signs of slowing down as a cadre of entrepreneurs celebrate the art of the cocktail in small-discreet and nostalgic lounges reminiscent of Prohibition-era bars in hundreds of cities scattered across the globe. 

    Hidden in back alleys most speakeasy bars today incorporate traditional customs like a password, no sign, secret entrance, classic cocktails and some serve liquor in teacups reminiscent of the avoidance of a police raid. It’s all part of their effort to transport patrons back to an era that most of us cannot comprehend experiencing firsthand.

    From New York’s Backroom bar to The Varnish in Los Angeles to Purl in London these bars hone an contraband excitement and inconspicuousness that you don’t get in a your average sports bar with a flashing neon Budweiser sign. The only twist in the (cock)tail is keeping your ear to the ground to stumble upon them but you’re guaranteed an unforgettable drink-up - hands down.