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  • Looking Glass Cocktail Club - Your Chance To Step Through The Looking Glass

    Upon arrival at Looking Glass Cocktail Club in Hoxton all is not what meets the eye which obviously called for a more investigative look through the looking glass. Like any professional drunks speakeasy bar avengers we set out on our peripatetic quest to see through this chicly antique 1920s cocktail bar. It’s truly a dream for those with a decidedly discerning palate and an appreciation for Lewis Carroll’s whimsy. Looking Glass Cocktail Club ingeniously combines multi-sensory elements to create an unforgettable experience you’ll (literally) want to go through. 


    Bar #1 that’s not just an affront.

    The bar area is small, cosy and stripped back to just a handful of ornate Louis XVI armchairs and other antique victorian seating. We found the head bartender to be as experimental as he was engaging. He took as much pleasure in offering, as we did in accepting, his homemade vermouth - which pleased our mouths much indeed. He also showed us, first-hand, the crafting of the perfect cocktail and his experimentation is evident in each inventive drink he created. We held up our part by creatively consuming them!


    The Shoreditch ‘Cuppa’

    The cocktail menu was an abundance of molecular elements on a list of twisted classics with I.N.C.R.E.D.I.B.L.E cocktails that are totally credible at the same time. The liquid offerings were divided into Old Fashioned Style, Short Drinks, Long Drinks and Tea Cup Cocktails with lots of British-inspired names like ‘How Very English’, ‘The Modern Gentleman’ and ‘The Shoreditch Carrot’. Then there were those like the Caliente y Sicio and The Intrepid Onca Pinata for a refined Spanish twist.  

    We’re proud to say we pretty much tried everything on the menu and highly recommend The Shoreditch Cuppa, Past Your Bedtime and Mal Adona. We can safely say every drink was quite something and, well, everything in our case!


    The Artisan Negroni: Part 1


    The Artisan Negroni - Part 2


    The Artisan Negroni - Part where you drink

    What we loved about Looking Glass Cocktail Club is that what you see isn’t what you get; there’s so much more besides (and behind). Without giving it all away we’ll say that any Alice In Wonderland fan should apply, as well as those who avidly seek intelligently crafted prohibition cocktails, served pretty damn neat. We won’t divulge anything more so you’ll have to pay them a visit to find out how to, literally, go Through The Looking Glass…oh and how!

    Full Frontal Exposure:

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    49 Hackney Rd, London E2 7NX    (+44) 20 7613 3936 

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