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  • Bart's - Worst Kept Secret. Best Inside Job.

    Just another upscale apartment building in South Kensington is what you won’t be expecting on your quest to find Bart’s. It might take you a little while but once you find it your thirst will be overly quenched. Charming, magical, nostalgic, innovative are words that come to mind because Bart’s crafts something quite enchanting.

    As we walked through the lobby, up some steps and down the hallway we found a black door next to a gold plaque with ‘Bart’s’ on it. We stepped into the tiny entry area that was covered in Mickey Mouse wallpaper; was this bar taking the Mickey? No. We rang the bell, the speakeasy hatch in the door slid open and we were invited in. Order a drink and you’ll see very quickly that there’s no Mickey being taken at Bart’s.


    Pickled Ploughmans


    Cookin’ up ‘Gone Fishin’


    'Behind The Smoke Screen' - smoked & presented in a Dewart's box.

    Street signs adorn the wall with stuffed animals, luggage, a mustached Mona Lisa and the much-needed Thirst Aid box. The atmosphere is laid-back and welcoming but the drinks are serious; seriously the most unique con-cocktails you’ve ever had in your life. We’re not exaggerating or inebriated here. 


    Speakeasy and drink even easier


    In front of the menu is ‘Behind The Smoke Screen’

    Inside old books you’ll discover the menu boasting cocktails that could never be an apt disclosure of what’s to come. The bartenders revel in experimentation and, as they have a background in food, they really understand the art of complimentary flavors and mixology. It’s good to know that your bartender has good taste.

    Bart’s is just as much about the theater, astounding attention to detail and experimental flavor (using food in the most innovative and enthralling of ways) as it is about the cocktails. All these elements together will get you all wet where it matters.

    We all need Thirst Aid

    Who’s behind the mask? Just the Under Raidar masterminds

    What’s great about Bart’s is they’ve managed to capture every component of what a true speakeasy bar should have: personality, authenticity, phenomenal cocktails and comfort. The bar’s atmosphere makes you feel as comfortable as you should be in your own living room. It really is London’s ‘Worst Kept Secret’ because Bart’s has something you really won’t be able to keep schtum about. 

    Full Frontal Exposure

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    Bart’s - 87 Sloane Ave, London SW3 3DW   (+44) 020 7581 3355

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