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  • Milk & Honey - Soho's Secret Speakeasy That Pure To The Pour

    Walking in Soho, on a Saturday night, we were looking for Milk & Honey to make our 10.30pm reservation. After scaling streets across the world looking for hidden bars (and considering ourselves experts) we still love the thrill of discovery. We automatically look for inconspicuous entrances/doors/windows but Milk & Honey challenged us. We retraced our steps and finally saw an unmarked maroon door; no sign and no number - just a rectangular glass peephole showed us we'd arrived.  

    As we entered we were lead down a dark hallway to an intimate, candlelit lounge with wooden booths and 1920s jazz wafting in the air. The drinks were superior with flavors, ingredients and expert mixology that make you understand why this bar is award-winning (they also have a branch in New York.) They operate on a members-only basis but welcome non-members providing you make a reservation. The drinks menu is clearly categorized into Pick Me Ups, Lost & Found, Digestives, Cobblers/Fizzes/Fixes and other such luscious libations.


    Bar-sque in the bar 


    Superior interior


    High Bar-ometer 

    Non-members only have access to The Ground Floors bar (with reservations) while members have their own private lounge, The Red Room, on the second floor, where the bartender doubles as your waiter and manages the entire room and bar -  it’s pretty impressive. Members also have access to The Basement Bar, The Games Room and The Roof Terrace (weather permitting) but who are we kidding? It is London after all!


    Prescription Julep


    Champagne Champions

    Milk & Honey's attention to perfection in mixology is astounding. Every afternoon they squeeze oranges, lemons, limes and pineapples by hand. They also press their own ginger beers. Their glassware is kept in freezers set to -30C to keep drinks cold during the delicate preparation phase. As a member, with access to The Red Room, you'll be served drinks containing jagged wedges of ice hand-cut with ice picks from a twice-frozen block of ice made from mineral water.


    The Diplomat

    Members and non-members alike have to adhere to the House Rules such as: ‘no name dropping or star-fucking' and 'gentlemen will not introduce themselves to ladies. Ladies, feel free to start a conversation or ask the bartender to introduce you. If a man you don’t know speaks to you, please lift your chin slightly and ignore him.

    We don’t usually like rules but we’re prepared to play along for the sake of some splendid cocktails and a wonderfully wicked experience. Just follow our rule: mix equal parts Milk & Honey, shake (speak)easily and pour yourself into this prime prohibition bar in the heart of London.

    You'll be safe in the hand of Milk & Honey.

    Full Frontal Exposure:   FB: MilkandHoneyLondon

    Milk & Honey - 61 Poland St, London W1F 7NU   (+44) 20 7065 6840

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