Speakeasy bars
  • Bourne & Hollingsworth - Teatime With A Twist

    On the corner of Rathbone Place in Fiztrovia it looks like the old Bourne & Hollingsworth department store. Get a little closer and you’ll see it is, in fact, a mural, a facade, a hoax even. We took flight down the metal stairs to reveal a basement cocktail bar, decorated as an old English tea room, with a fireplace and classic floral wallpaper reminiscent of your Grandma’s house - but this is not your Grandma’s house.

    It’s furnished with mismatched tables and chairs that are somehow imperfectly perfect. White tablecloths dress the tables, (they’re clearly waiting for you) with aptly selected comfy touches that are oh so welcoming. 


    Just an affront


    More tea, liquor?

    The bar itself is a small a hatch in the wall but the magic they craft behind there is tantamount to a storm in a teacup (they serve many cocktails in china teacups.) It’s a rather splendid way for a spot of afternoon gin, or bourbon, or anything that takes your fancy - and they have a lot to fancy there.


    It’s pretty mantel in there


    Better than your Granny’s bar

    If you like origami you’ll love their menu; a folded 4x4 square that unfolds into a box shape (sans lid) with detailed hand-drawn artwork to perfectly compliment their splendid array of libations. Believe us you’re going to be rather taken with this bar, that’ll charm the socks off you, and after a few of these cocktails maybe more will be charmed off. At Bourne & Hollingsworth your teatime pleasure just tippled. 


    Mocha Cocktail

    We wanted to make sure we really tried and tested their libation selection and we’re proud to share our delightful divulgences. 

    Junipear: Gin mixed with pear puree, lemon juice, herbal liqueur, lengthened with lemonade and finished with a blackberry liqueur.

    Hudson Cobbler: Bourbon & Drambuie with lemon bitters, seasonal fruit & berries. 

    Chimps Tea: Monkey Shoulder scotch whisky & peach liquor, lemon juice, Earl Grey tea syrup, orange zest. You wouldn’t get this in an Olde English Tea Shoppe. 

    Storm In A Mug: Dark rum & Sailor spiced rum shaken with raspberries, lime juice & spiced English Breakfast tea and topped with ginger beer.


    A smashing cuppa 

    A visit to B & H is a teatime you won’t forget but totally not a place for tea-totals. This bar tops everything guaran’tea’d.

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    Bourne & Hollingsworth: 28 Rathbone Pl, London W1T 1JF

    (+44) 20 7636 8228

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  • London Cocktail Club: 1 Cocktail Club. 4 Bars. 4 Cheers For That.

    The London Cocktail Club is rather special; they’re a club you’re going to want to visit again and again for the unique experiences that await! They are not just one, but 4 bars, with different themes. You need to visit each one to really soak up their individual personalities and definitely their drinks!

    Imbibe inventively 

    What London Cocktail Club do that’s really great is they’re dedicated to the art of the cocktail; the classics (Martinis, Old Fashioned, Daiquiris, Mai Tai etc) but they’ve carved a reputation for contemporary creations like the Bacon & Egg Coupet, Squid Ink Sour and Rhubarb & Custard. They’re experimental with traditional ingredients and British typicalities that you would never expect in a drink. 

    The first one we visited was the Tattoo Rum Parlor in Shaftesbury Avenue. You go down the stairs to the basement where the natutical-inspired bar awaits you, with old school British Navy-style pin-ups, plenty of skulls and a whole lot of rum and tumble - if you’ve drunk enough!


    Tattoo Rum Parlour - Drinks Ahoy Matey!


    The Gin Palace - Bottoms down and bottom up!

    We then moved on to Gin Palace in Googe Street - a basement bar with a kitsch punk vibe. We saw Jack The Ripper, in graffiti art, as we went down the stairs but hope he didn’t see us. The bar space was dark and mysterious and the seating area at the back was rather seductive. The dim lighting is lifted by the brightly lit back-bar showing off row upon row of intriguingly dangerous looking spirits. The drinks we had were perfectly balanced (in the right way!) and after a few of those you’ll certainly be seeing spirits. With sharp attention to detail, to make every experience memorable, they even present their menus inside old VHS boxes (videos are for the taking.) 


    Royal decor - The Gin Palace, Goodge St.

    Be sure to check out their Cocktail Club in Covent Garden (the only bar that has a membership by law but it’s 1 quid by law) and their newest bar in Oxford Street. London Cocktail Club is a club you’ll be thirsting to be a part of!


    Covent Garden Cocktail Club

    London Cocktail Club are all about the cocktails and the environment which is always buzzing. Each location is designed with a unique experience in mind. They even offer cocktail classes for those who are so inclined. They’re innovative and forward-thinking so our advice is to amble on down for some experiential imbibing action in style. London Cocktail Club - you know great times and great drinks so it’s safe to say we’re in the club!


    Get in the club

    Full Frontal Exposure:

    TW: @LDNCocktailClub    FB: LondonCocktailClub

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    London Cocktail Club Locations

    Rum Parlour - 61 Godge St., London W1T 1TL  (+44) 20 7580 1960      

    Gin Palace - 224a Shaftesbury Ave, London WC2H 8EB (+44) 20 7580 1960

    Covent Garden - 6-7 Great Newport St, London WC2H 7JA (+44) 20 7836 9533

    Gangsters Tequila Paradise - 4 Great Portland Street, London W1W 8PA  (+44) 20 7580 1960