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  • Purl - Where Prohibition Takes You Aback

    Tucked away in the heart of Marylebone, in a vaulted Georgian basement, we stumbled upon Purl - an innovative and multi-sensory 1920s prohibition bar. Look for the sign and descend down the dark stairs to enter the secret prohibition nirvana where anything could potentially go up in smoke or out with a bang! 

    As you enter the secret underground prohibition portal, where you can speak as easy as you can drink, you’ll feel as though you just traveled back to the 1920s (not that you remember them of course). This is how Purl makes you speak easier, drink easier and sets the modern-day speakeasy bar pretty high - in every sense.


    Globally inconspicuous

    Purl is a magical world of whirled creations mixed with multi-sensory cocktail theater that flows as spectacularly as the drinks. In keeping with the theme of 19th century birth of cocktails, along with pre-prohibition cocktail culture and the art deco period, Purl is immersed in authenticity; an old style telephone booth, vintage telephones, cameras and other 19th century paraphernalia adorn the basement space.

    Purl is engulfed in atmospheric lighting and the interior features exposed brickwork, vintage-style leather seating and cozy cellar caves with glamorous chandeliers. We loved the vintage globe that inconspicuously houses their vast array of bespoke bitters and the hanging tea cups above the bar.


    Oh becave will you!

    As for the 'tipple whammies'; Purl doesn’t just craft exquisite cocktails but they create an unforgettable drinxperience with creative, inventive flavors in each sumptuous cocktail.

    What got our juices flowing was how experimental and truly exceptional the drinks were. Purl’s twist on Prohibition era libations is an ever-evolving cocktail list, with a mixture of hardcore classics, and forward-thinking sensory peculiarities incorporating foams, caviar, homemade infusions, home-aged bitters, ice carving and even liquid nitrogen.  Every cocktail enthralls every sense from concept to sip; if you love 1920s speakeasy bars Purl takes you back - and certainly aback.


    Mr Hyde, I'll see you through the smoke


    Testing, testing, one two entICE


    Cocktails are poppin'

    Extra Tidbit 

    “It’s in keeping with our theme of late 19th century birth of cocktails along with pre-prohibition cocktail culture and the art deco period…plus Purl is a nice word (it’s also the sound that water makes when it flows over rocks).

    Full Frontal Exposure: 

    TW: @Purllondon   FB: PurlLondon

    50-54 Blandford St., London W1U 7HX      (+44) 020 7935 0835

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